I present Mrs. Pasta

Thinking about what distinguishes our territory, only one thing seemed clear:


As the last spot of the pasta factory "La Molisana" says ... Tenacious spirit! Well yes, in Molise we stand out for this beautiful value! Being a very curious person, I often ask myself the etymology of words, and does that happen to you?
From lat. tenax -acis, der. to hold 'keep' • sec. XIV.

A considerable feature of cohesion!

Then we could also say "persistent" rooted ".. umh .. yes, and this is how we are in Termoli, rooted in our land, our sea, our flavors. But we are also open, friendly people...

Just "Gente di Mare" as sang Umberto Tozzi (personally I think this song is often used by us, to represent us when someone asks us to identify ourselves as in a sort of hymn .. this also happens to Karaoke evenings, in summer very popular from the locals in our area.
But let's go back to where I started ... where did I stay? Pasta .. yes pasta! And how can we convey the goodness of our dishes, if not with the primordial and undisputed ingredient of our land, Signor Grano?

When wheat takes on its straw color, for us it means one thing: light, sun. It is July, the month of the harvest. The ears of corn bend under their weight ... the reapers come into action. Expect when the sun is high and work until dusk, before the humidity in the evening. The harvest season is a magical period for the lands of Molise and Puglia.

The experience in Molise will take you to an eclectic dimension: whether you want to immerse yourself in nature and roll around among the ears of wheat or be on the coast to enjoy a good fish-based dinner accompanied by a tasty bottle of wine... is a moment!

The Termolese cuisine

The pasta can certainly be tasted using the products of the region such as the Caciocavallo di Agnone, the Molise truffle with which to cook very tasty Cavatelli or Fusilli, not to mention the, the Treccia di Santa Croce di Magliano, the Soppressata del Molise, the Testine lamb or kid (bunks) and finally the Limoncella molisana apple, spinster apple

On the other hand, genuine and tasty in its ingredients, the Termolese cuisine is something special;
linked to freshly caught fish, we can savor dishes enriched with the imagination of sailors, once the proponents of many recipes used by us today and that we can safely give you so you can cook typical dishes in one of our ITALYHOUSE homes.
We organize cultural, food and wine tours and excursions in Molise to make you live a unique experience. Choose the excursion in Molise you like best and book it on our italyhouse website

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