Because in Italy there is everything

It doesn't matter what type of stay you are looking for ... in Italy you find what you were looking for! And for all seasons. If you like to spend every weekend in the mountains, our country is covered for 3/4 of the mountain ranges, in a splendid shape to see the Alps as a hat, and the Apennines move transversely. Indeed, the most active tourism is precisely in the mountains, since both in summer and in winter the high-altitude municipalities fill their programs with events and festivals. During the spring season, on the other hand, do you prefer a nice outing? Then the remaining quarter of the country made up of plains alone is for you.
Of course the climate of the mid seasons invites a lot more than a weekend in Italy. For example, in autumn the top is to take advantage of the harvest to go around the Italian wine-growing towns and taste the new wine. Those who are looking for contexts to enjoy the summer evenings can take a trip to small towns such as Termoli, Campomarino, San Salvo, Vasto: it will be a unique experience to visit our fantastic coast, with its traditions, its colors and its scents of the sea .

The Italian regions

Perhaps the most beautiful geographical feature of our country: the sea. We live on a huge peninsula, we are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on three sides and we have a wide variety of islands and archipelagos. Here, let's talk about this: do you need to fly to the Tropics or Polynesia to make an exotic dream come true? The palm trees are also found in Taormina in Sicily, the white sands and virgin beaches in the hundreds of coves that jagged the coast of Sardinia, and the wild beauty of nature at the Tremiti islands not to mention the Molise that in the New York Times has inserted a calling it "one of the most spectacular parts of the country and its youngest region": one of the most spectacular parts of Italy as well as its youngest region. In Molise we find the beautiful Termoli defined by easyvoyage of the "Italian Greenwich", seaside resort par excellence, awarded several times with the recognition of the Blue Flag of Europe and therefore one of the top 5 destinations according to the known easyviaggio. Just some examples on a huge panorama that satisfies every need.
Outdoor activity is essential for psycho-physical well-being, and it takes very little to escape the chaotic confines of the urban labyrinth and leave the smog behind. In the regions where we operate: Molise, Abruzzo, Puglia, Marche, Campania and Lazio you will find what you need, whether it is a holiday or a business trip because they differ in local productions, flavors and typical recipes. In fact, one of the pleasures of travelers is to taste the local specialties and try the delights that are difficult to recreate at home. The same lasagna in the Marche changes its name and becomes vincisgrassi confirming itself as a rich and tasty course but with a ragù, prepared with coarsely chopped and unground meat and in the more firm béchamel sauce, which gives the dish a greater compactness. And what about the eternal pizza dilemma? Better the one with the high and soft crust of Naples, or the low and crunchy as they do in Rome? This, just to not paint the infinite variety of local recipes that can take different forms and identities even passing from one region to another, not even from one municipality to another, but sometimes also from one neighborhood to another.
For lovers of the sea, the province of Campobasso offers 38 kilometers of coast on the Adriatic, with well-equipped tourist resorts that set like gems in the splendid landscape: Petacciato, Termoli, Montenero di Bisaccia and Campomarino.
We organize cultural, food and wine tours and excursions in Molise to make you live a unique experience. Choose the excursion in Molise you like best and book it on our italyhouse website.

Sea Holiday

Why choose a home Italy - Home? Choose a home to feel at home, continue to have your autonomy on vacation so that you can take full advantage of your stay. To enjoy the views from our windows, enjoy a cappuccino and have breakfast at home, have the opportunity to barbecue or choose to go out to freely enjoy a meal outside. Live your journey in our houses in complete freedom... italyhouse: the house for you.

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Because in Italy there is everything

It doesn't matter what type of holiday you are looking for ... in Italy you will find it. And for all seasons. Read more about holidays in Italy!

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