The Marche region of eastern Italy rises between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The capital, Ancona, is a port city on the Conero Riviera, an area characterized by sandy coves, limestone cliffs and medieval villages. Pesaro, on the other hand, is the birthplace of the famous composer Rossini. Inland there are ancient fortifications on top of the hills and glacial valleys of the Sibillini Mountains National Park.

Central Italy region particularly loved and popular for its wonderful and varied natural heritage, made of splendid hilly and mountainous landscapes that alternate with equally splendid coastal realities overlooking the Adriatic, where some of the most famous and important seaside resorts arise, perfectly equipped. A region rich in history and archaeological sites, a crossroads and meeting place for civilizations and cultures, it has all the requirements to be defined as a perfect destination for any type of holiday, from a cultural one to a more relaxing one of pure leisure. The Marche coast boasts 17 Blue Flags, and the whole territory is a widespread museum, a network of cities of art and historic villages nestled in a sea of ​​cultivated hills, which overlook valleys ranging from the sea to the Apennines. Furthermore, the spiritual and meditative atmospheres encourage you to discover the steps of the Camaldolese, Cistercians and Franciscans who dotted the territory with monasteries, abbeys, convents, some of which today open their doors to guests and visitors as they once opened them to pilgrims.

The economy of the Marche region is characterized by a thriving small-medium industry with high specialization distributed equally throughout its territory, but mainly concentrated on the coast and in the valleys, in specialized industrial districts; these industries are the natural evolution of ancient craft activities. This is the so-called "Marches model", an expression coined by Giorgio Fuà, the founding father of ISTAO of Ancona, the training center of Marche entrepreneurship, from the Merloni brothers to the Guzzini to the Della Valle. In the Marche there are twenty-eight industrial districts, as in Lombardy, but with a good quality of life and without the problems of suburbs, frenetic rhythms, commuting.
As regards fishing, the Marche region play an important role at national level. The national statistics for the consistency of the fleet in fact show four Marches ports among the top twenty Italians per gross registered ton (GRT): the port of Ancona is in third place, that of San Benedetto in ninth place, that of Porto Civitanova in the fourteenth, that of Fano at the seventeenth.

In the Marche we are looking for houses and apartments to offer for our guests, solutions with unique characteristics that make them special. If you have a house from which you want to get an annuity, contact us and we will give you more information about how, how much you could get there and more.

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