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11 May 2020

Do you know Molise? - Second part

Our journey continues under the slogan: "Do you know Molise?" this time we will go to discover enchanting places in Upper Molise, but not only ...

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1 May 2020

Because in Italy there is everything

It doesn't matter what type of holiday you are looking for ... in Italy you will find it. And for all seasons. Read more about holidays in Italy!

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31 March 2020

Do you know Molise? - First part

"Do you know Molise?" this is the question that any Molise asks when talking about his region, fully embodying that sense of visceral belonging that binds him inextricably to his land and that innate desire to tell his origins.

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7 March 2020

I present Mrs. Pasta

We are in Termoli, rooted in our land, our sea, our flavors. But we are also open, friendly people.

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11 January 2020


The New York Times has fully included it among the 52 destinations to visit in 2020, urging the Italians themselves to re-evaluate an unspoiled area, with wild beauty, with the coast lapped by one of the cleanest seas in the Adriatic

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12 December 2019


Central Italy region particularly loved and popular for its wonderful and varied natural heritage, made of beautiful hilly and mountainous landscapes.

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5 October 2019


Lazio is a region of central Italy overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its capital, Rome, is the capital of Italy and was the heart of the ancient Roman Empire.

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20 August 2019


Campania is a region of south-western Italy known for its ancient ruins and the spectacular coast. Read more about Campania!

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12 August 2019


Abruzzo is an Italian region located east of Rome, between the Adriatic and the Apennines. The hinterland consists largely of national parks and nature reserves.

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29 July 2019


Puglia is famous for the hill villages with the characteristic white plaster, for the countryside with an ancient flavor and for the hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coast.

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